ar-Big Bang theory is wrong.


Big Bang theory is wrong. The scientists stated that the big bang came from nothing to everything. What if the nothing where big bang came out is something. Something must split asunder to form something. For example,glasses broke and split asunder to form small glass pieces. The something that big bang came out  must be something equal to the asunder thing.  The nothing where the big bang occurred must be a huge solid thing that has gravity .  It can be a huge red giant star. And it split asunder , exploded to from the universe , multiverse. When it split, exploded , small pieces of rocks may have formed planets and because of the atmospheric condition of the giant huge star, the planets may have changed to a sun. It may took millions of years to form suns planets. But from nothing , nothing could came out. But from something , something can come out. According to my theory, there was a big huge giant star which has gravity , gas, air , fire and rocks. But because of the sun's death , it exploded and formed the universe.