ar-India and China , which country has more population?


According to the google you will see China but what you don't see is India.

You would see that China has more population than India on google. But that is wrong. I am not saying that the news source is wrong. It is right but they do not have specific details.

If we talk with civilization, Indian and Chinese civilization. But which civilization has more population? If you guess that, you have came to the right site. Indian civilization has more population than Chinese because the Pakistan , Bangladesh , Nepal , Bhutan and Sri Lanka are also a part of the Indian civilization.

India population = 1.324 billion people

Pakistan population = 193.2 million people

Bangladesh population = 163 million people

Nepal population = 28.98 million people

Bhutan population = 797,765 people

Sri Lanka population = 21.2 million people

Total make up about 1.737 billion people while China makes up about 1.379 billion people. So Indian civilization has higher population than Chinese civilization. But as a country China has higher , but as a civilization Indian has higher population .