ar-Jerusalem, who really owns it?


World's largest three religions, Christanity , Islam and judaism's holy site. Who really owns it?

erusalem, a palestine city which was illegally taken over by the jews and zionist during the 20th century.

As middle east is an arab land, we would say arabians own it. But there is something you do not see. Jesus(pbuh) was born in jerusalem speaking aramaic speaking city was claimed to be muslim and christian. So both religions own it. But during the ninth century, prophet muhammed(pbuh) was born in mecca , saudi arabia. Not so far from jerusalem. He had gone to the night journey from jerusalem.

So thats in islamic land. As middle east became islam. But the balfour declaration was made from london to create a jewish country in middle east?

Thats illegal. It could be an arab or a christian region . But all the jews around the world were told to move to jerusalem which is legally owned by palestine. There were many wars over jerusalem by islamic and christian conquest by world's largest empires. But the last war over it was won by muslims. So the region is legally owned by arabs.