ar-Metepec creature (an alien-like creature explained)


The Creature of Metepec is rather small, about the size of a small cat or large rabbit. Urso Ruíz who regularly used to set up traps to feed the owners birds and snakes found a small alien like creature alive but caught in a rat trap. Four people who worked at the ranch including the owner claimed to have seen the creature alive in the trap until they apparently got so scared it might escape they decided to kill it.

The creature was eventually sold to UFO-Journalist Jaime Maussan, who tried for yearsto get the world to believe it was a real alien. But it was not an alien. After the creature has been taken to the Imperial College of London, a professor named Donald Quicke, stated that the teeth of the metepec creature's teeth as a new world monkey not from Asia, Africa or Europe just from Latin America. A monkey marmoset's teeth. Later on, Urso Ruiz was given a lie detector test telling the officials that he made the creature himself. He may made the creature by breeding human sperm into a monkey marmoset's ovary. The alien thing was the hoax because the creature has both human and monkey characteristics. The DNA test also was conducted and it proved that it was a human and a money DNA has concluded.