ar-What is an IQ test?


Most of the children in your class are born in the same year , but they have different heights and weights, don't they? You often have a check up where your height and weight are measured and recorded. But how can we measure mental growth?

The method devised for this was the IQ or Intelligence Quotient. There are a number of tests to check the mental development of various age groups. Suppose a 10-year-old can do a test designed for a 10-year-old, his IQ is 100. But if a 10-year-old has the mental age of 12 and can do a test designed for 12-year-olds, his IQ will be 120 (12/10 x 100) IQ is measured by dividing the boy's mental age by his age in year and multiplying by 100.

Some year age, IQ tests were given a lot of importance in assessing the mental ability of a person but it is now known that intelligence can be of different types and not always predictable by IQ tests. Of late, emotional intelligence is being given increasing importance in assessing the development of a person.