Infinity war BREAKS world record!!!!


Avengers:Infinity war BREAKS world record by being recognized as the most earning film with $800 million dollars after Star war's "The force awakens" with $325 million dollars.  Infinity war was mostly watched in North america with $400 million dollars in north american continent alone. The rest $400 million dollars from rest of the world second largest watched from Asia. And also Saudi Arabia also played a role by letting the cinemas open in Arabia. The first movie they watched was black panther. China will be showing the infinity war movie late due to high number to people watching late. So china will watch the movie after everyone has watched it. But China is the second highest watcher of movies like Infinity war and Fast and Furious 7.  China is also the second highest payer to the movie infinity war.   Yet many spoilers on Facebook posting fake propagandas about the movie avengers making the fans believe about what they post. I strongly recommend you not to trust them because they even haven't watch the movie yet.