Why and how Russia is the strongest nation on Earth.


Russia is the strongest nation because of various reasons like huge landmass. But when you look at Russia you would not see these.

1. High population

2.Many natural resources

Is Russia stronger than America?

Ans: Yes

Russia is stronger than America because of its landmass and nuclear bombs it posses.

Russia has about 12000 nuclear warheads while US has about 9400.

Russia also has higher mine supplies with 106 mt while USA has about 94 mt.

If the cold war broke out again, Russia's side has more probability to win the game because of its allies . Pakistan, China , England, France,North Korea and Israel are on Russia's side if the nuclear war broke out. But US just has India as its nuclear partner if the nuclear war broke out. 

Conclusion: If the nuclear war broke out Russia has more chance of winning the game . But if just the normal war broke out US has more few chances as both are the superpowers.